Principles Of Bancker

Values are uncompromising declarations of what matters most to a company’s leadership. Here at Bancker this means an unwavering dedication to safety that prioritizes the welfare of the public, our customers and our employees above all else. To this end, we shall:

  • Work diligently to identify and mitigate hazards at our job sites;
  • Safeguard the public and the environment to minimize the collateral impact of our work;
  • Openly and honestly communicate with our customers and throughout all levels of our management and staff;
  • Protect the health, well-being and essential services of the customers of our customers.

To ensure these values are always honored, we commit ourselves to lifelong learning so that we may continuously improve. Through our commitment to these core values, we pledge a safe and productive work environment so that every person connected with a Bancker project will arrive home safely each and every night.

Our priorities may change, but our values never do.

Digging Safely

Excavation and trenching are among the most hazardous construction operations, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). At Bancker, employees go through rigorous training and are held to strict standards in order to deliver quality construction workmanship while making safety our number one core value.

Bancker History

Throughout its history, Bancker has responded to evolving technologies and market demand as dictated by our customers. The name Bancker has symbolized quality utility construction since the early 1920's. Up to and throughout the Sixties, Bancker concentrated its work in water mains, sewer construction, pumping stations, and treatment plants. During the 1970’s, Bancker expanded its focus into the emerging areas of telephone cable and electrical conduit work. In the Eighties and Nineties, Bancker further broadened its operations into gas main work, horizontal jacking and boring, cable television line and maintenance of underground conduit systems. Today, Bancker performs construction on all of the above, as well as site work, concrete construction, paving, industrial plant maintenance and trenchless installation techniques via directional drilling.

Bancker has been owned and operated by the Beyer family since 1958, when Harvey Beyer and Harold Cahn purchased the company from A.G. Bancker. Today, Harvey’s sons Stephen and Michael and grandson Phillip carry on the business with the principles that have defined Bancker for over 100 years: integrity, proficiency, reliability, and respect.


Bancker Construction is the contractor of choice for all phases of civil construction, including water, sewer, gas, cable, telephone, drainage, concrete and site work. We maintain a comprehensive, state-of-the-art fleet of equipment and vehicles, staged at multiple yards throughout the NY Metropolitan area in order to meet your immediate needs.

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Bancker Electric specializes in high voltage line construction, both overhead and underground, power plant wiring, substation construction, and manhole rehabilitation. Our customers include major utilities, municipalities and facility owners and managers. On a daily basis our skilled union workforce is out performing a variety of municipal and commercial work in addition to utility transmission and distribution (“T&D”) projects.

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Bancker Environmental operates a fleet of the strongest vacuum and hydro excavators in the industry, allowing for safe and efficient removal of sand, dirt, rock, and liquid waste. Our vacuum excavators are powerful enough to vacuum solids or liquids up to 750 feet from the truck and are utilized daily for a variety of services including pit and trench excavations and manhole and catch basin cleanouts.

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