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Values are uncompromising declarations of what matters most to a company's leadership. Here at Bancker this means an unwavering dedication to safety that holds the welfare of our employees above all else. To this end, we shall:

- Work Diligently to identify and mitigate hazards at our job sites;
- Safeguard the public and the environment to minimize the collateral impact of our work;
- Openly and honestly communicate throughout all levels of management and staff.

To ensure these values are always honored, we commit ourselves to lifelong learning so that we may continuously improve. Through our commitment to these core values, we pledge a safe and productive work environment for all our employees so they can continue to provide for their families and arrive home safely each and every night.

Our priorities may change, but our values never do!

Holiday Safety Reminder

Nov 29 2016

Just a reminder to drive safely this holiday season. Motor vehicle accidents remain a major cause of workplace injuries, especially this time of year. Remember to never text and drive, stay alert, and drive defensively (remember the Smith system!). These simple disciplines can help you arrive to your destination safely. Have a great holiday season!

Holiday Safety Reminder

Next Bancker Quarterly Company-Wide Safety Meeting

Congratulations to the New Safety Award Winners!

Bancker Quarterly Safety Meeting

We Need A Fresh Idea For The Next Safety Contest!

Company-Wide Safety Meeting

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Welcome to the Bancker Safety Page!

Company-Wide Safety Meeting


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Helpful Resources For Employees (click on the blue links for more info)


  • The Daily Huddle
    • The Daily Huddle, AKA morning job briefing,  should be conducted prior to ANY work beginning. A quality job briefing includes not just the day’s task, it’s hazards and controls but it’s also a Q&A time to bring up any concerns crew members may have and to ensure everyone knows their responsibilities for that day.
  • JSA’s
    • Commonly used as part of a morning job briefing (Daily Huddle), JSAs are not a replacement but a supplement to the morning briefing. It is a great way to identify hazards and discuss their controls.  Always make sure crew members know who is responsible for implementing the controls. JSAs must be completed daily.
  • ToolBox Talks
    • TBTs are another great supplementation to the morning job briefing (Daily Huddle). Use these to discuss specific safety related issues that warrant ongoing training and awareness.  TBTs should be reviewed, discussed and signed by all crew members weekly.
  • Heirarchy of Controls
    • Click on this link to learn about the different ways to control hazards. From elimination to substitution, this link explains it all.
  • Quarterly Safety Meetings: Next Meeting TBA

OSHA’S FOCUS FOUR: These “Fatal Four” were responsible for more than half (58.7%) the construction worker deaths in 2013. Eliminating the Fatal Four would save 468 workers’ lives in America every year.

  • Falls: Responsible for 36.9% of construction fatalities.
  • Struck ByResponsible for 10.3% of construction fatalities.
  • Electrocution: Responsible for 8.9% of construction fatalities.
  • Caught In or Between:  Responsible for 2.6% of construction fatalities.

  • Personal Fall Protection
    • This link explains the proper way to wear a harness and lanyard as well as the requirements for anchor points and rigging.
  • Hard Hat Use and Care
  • Foot protection
    • Learn the pros and cons of steel toe vs. composite toe. Decide which is best for you.
  • Eye Protection
    • Construction workers love to wear sunglasses and call them eye protection. This video very graphically shows you why wearing sunglasses does NOT constitute eye protection.
  • Hearing
    • Ever wonder why hearing loss can be acute or gradual? This link explains everything you need to know about why construction workers lose their hearing and how they can prevent it.
  • Respiratory Protection
    • Donning a respirator incorrectly renders the respirator USELESS. The same goes for incorrectly storing and/or maintaining a respirator. Learn why here.


  • Heat Illness: Don’t get hot; relax and hydrate. Learn more here.
  • Cold HazardsDon’t get left in the cold; learn the symptoms.
  • Posion Ivy, Sumac and Oak: Don’t be RASH; read this first.
  • Animals and Insects.
    • Lyme Disease: Learn the hazards of ticks and how to protect yourself
    • West Nile: Learn the hazards of mosquitoes and how to protect yourself
  • SDS’s (formerly known as MSDSs)
    • This is a list in progress. Please share any SDSs you may have by submitting them to the safety department via the links below

SMALL TOOLS TRAINING: These videos are intended for instructional supplementation only. Do not use any tool unless you have been fully trained and are under the supervision of a competent person!

HOISTING AND RIGGING: Only trained, authorized and qualified personnel are permitted to conduct hoisting and rigging operations and only under the supervision of a competent person.

HEALTH & WELLNESS: Quality of life depends greatly on our level of health. Ask any mature adult what the secret of happiness is and more times than not they will cite good health. Please check out these links but remember to always consult a physician before instituting any lifestyle changes.